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Payment Options

Advanced Medical House Call patients will have a co-pay, although Medicare and most other insurances will cover the majority of the cost of a visit. It is your responsibility to make sure that house call visits are covered by your insurance prior to the first visit. Most insurance cards have a toll free phone number located on the back of your card. Fees are comparable to a doctor’s office. There are no additional charges based on where you live within our service area.

See the map below for current service areas. We are growing and adding new service locations regularly.

Want to make a payment? Please use the form at the bottom of this page to complete a secure transaction.

Additional Resources

  • Hospice and Palliative Care
    Too often people think of hospice only in the last days or hours of life. The truth is that hospice care can benefit your loved one and your family for a long time. Hospice offers specialized nurses; counselors and therapists to process emotional issues for the whole family; social workers to receive appropriate care and resources available to cope with problems caused by serious illness; home care aides to provide personal care services; volunteers to provide companionship, run errands or provide general assistance; chaplains to offer spiritual guidance and comfort; and bereavement counselors to provide comfort and support. If you are interested in Hospice or Palliative Care talk to Laura and she will put you in contact with referring agencies. Hospice Foundation of America- Caregiver Alliance Home Page – End-of-Life Issues Advance Directive Page-
  • Health Organizations & Resources
    Agencies providing written information and speakers on a variety of health conditions. Some agencies also offer support groups. Call for additional information. Vetran’s Benefits Association- Genesee County Commission on Aging- Alzheimer’s Assoc-Greater MI Chapter – (800) 515-3434 – American Cancer Society – (248) 663-3400 – American Diabetes Association – (888) 342-2383 – American Heart Association – (800) 968-1793 – American Lung Association of MI – (800) 543-5864 – Arthritis Foundation – Michigan Chapter – (800) 968-3030 – Office of Services of the Aging –
  • Home Meal Delivery Service
    Nutritious meals are important for older adults. Many seniors do not have the ability to shop or prepare meals for themselves. This can include people who are ill, recently hospitalized or above the age of 60 years. There are agencies that deliver meals to homes. Call for eligibility requirements or fees. Valley Area On Aging – 225 E. Fifth Street Suite 200 Flint, MI 48502 Voice: (810) 239-7671 TDD: (810) 233-4242 In-State Long Distance: 1-800-978-6275
  • Prescription Assistance
    There are many different resources that can offer assistance in paying for prescriptions. Many of them have varying requirements for eligibility such as income and age. Mail order pharmacies offer a more affordable solution for obtaining prescriptions at a lower cost to the patient. Please contact one or more of the listed agencies below to be sure of your eligibility and any requirements that need to be met to obtain assistance. Valley Area On Aging – 225 E. Fifth Street Suite 200 Flint, MI 48502 Voice: (810) 239-7671 TDD: (810) 233-4242 In-State Long Distance: 1-800-978-6275 Medicare – Part D Prescription Drug Benefit (800) MEDICARE Services for Older Citizens (SOC) (313) 882-9600 World Medical Relief (313) 866-5333

Medicare is health insurance for people ages 65 and older

Different Parts of Medicare: The different parts of Medicare help cover specific services.

Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance):
Helps cover inpatient care in hospitals. Helps cover skilled nursing facility, hospice and home health care.

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance):
Helps cover doctors’ services, outpatient care, and home health care. Helps cover some preventive services to help maintain your health and keep certain illnesses from getting worse.

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans-like HMO or PPO):
A health coverage option run by private insurance companies approved by and under contract with Medicare. Includes Part A, Part B and usually other coverage like prescription drugs.

Medicare Part D (Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage):
A prescription drug option run by private insurance companies approved by and under contract with Medicare. Helps cover the cost of prescription drugs. May help lower your prescription drug costs and help protect against higher costs in the future.

Medicare the official U.S government site –

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